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Our Story

SANDALBOYZ is a culture and movement founded in Los Angeles inspired by musicians in the studio, surfers at the beach, and athletes before/after the game. Our mission is to inspire cool confidence in our community by embracing uniqueness and individuality.

As we grow, our eyes are set on three things: doing truly good business, celebrating individuality globally, and giving back in any way we can.

Give Back

We are citizens of the world, and this world offers us its beauty and wonder. As such, we must find ways to give back in order for it to continue to thrive and bless us with its beauty. We also understand that no great achievement is made alone, and SANDALBOYZ is no different. Without the world and those around us, we would not be here. We believe our success must be shared by all the people around us and the world that they reside in.


In 2017, we gave all of our profits to helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. In 2019, we worked with Bali Children's Project to restore and build children's libraries in Bali.

Now, in the midst of the global 2020 pandemic, we are working to raise funds for personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare works in the United States. See our current efforts here.


Our team works all over California to give back to local communities. We've worked with Tangible Movement, a non-profit dedicated to ending the social stigma of mental illness, to help combat youths struggling with insecurities. In addition, we often organize efforts to give back to under-privileged school kids. Among these efforts are sandal donations, book readings, and miscellaneous workshops.

For our 5 year anniversary, we donated 800+ sandals to four of our close friends and favorite organizations: Trina's Kids Foundation, Bata Sole, Quartier, and North10 Philadelphia.

Do Good Business

Truly "good" business is – as cliché as this may sound – focusing obsessively on the customer. We are in a relentless pursuit of adding value in all facets of our business, and a large amount of that value is heaped neatly onto the SANDALBOYZ consumer.

Customer Service

Anyone that has even the most tangential contact with our brand is treated with the utmost respect. Our customer service program is no frills, no robots, and no bullshit. We do this by guaranteeing responses in under 24 hours every day of the week and listening to any and all requests. Please email to experience our award winning customer service regardless of whether you've made an order with us or not. We're here for anything, even if you just need someone to talk to.

Quality Guarantee

All SANDALBOYZ products are guaranteed in their quality. Any product failing to meet our standards is rejected. We encourage all customers to send back any products that fall through the cracks. If you have a question about the quality of your product, please email

We create our sandals in small batches with factories in Jakarta that take craftsmanship and durability very seriously. In addition to our primary footwear manufacturers in Indonesia, we also work with the best apparel makers in Los Angeles.


Here at SANDALBOYZ, we want to this big blue ball that we live on to remain beautiful and wondrous. While we acknowledge the fact that our best selling sandal is made primarily of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) – a compound that does not biodegrade very nicely, we are active in our pursuit of sustainable business practices. At the moment, every sandal contains a minimum of 15% post-consumer EVA, and we plan to increase that number by 15% every year.

We currently have a recycling program for all of our products. We encourage customers to participate by emailing to get started. All other products are created with sustainability in mind as well.

To learn more about recycling and sustainability click here ⟶.

Celebrate Individuality

Our reach extends around the globe, and it is our desire to celebrate the unique communities that have influenced us. We actively embrace those that teach us to be comfortable with our individuality.

Export Los Angeles, Import the World

We're headquartered in Los Angeles, and the city means a lot to us. It has an unparalleled tolerance for a swath of cultures, some of the best weather in the world, and a burgeoning community of talented creatives. We want to juxtapose our culture next to all of the other equally beautiful cultures around the world.

It is our intention to create a global network of communities seeking to push the bounds of creativity.

Good People, Good Energy

We strive to make SANDALBOYZ an open platform for connection. We understand that building a business involves meeting people and creating new connections. As such, in efforts to infuse as much value into all of those that the brand touches, we believe in interconnecting everyone in our network by keeping our platform as open as possible. Besides just connecting people, we actively seek out those that exude this very hocus-pocus term "good energy." Good people come to our events and activations to vibe out and meet other – well – good people.