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September 19, 2020
Ray Santos
Ray Santos
A Spotlight series feature with Los Angeles based producer, C.P DUBB.

We sat down with Los Angeles born producer, C.P DUBB, and talked about how he came to be who he is. He shows us that the pursuit of individuality is a never ending journey that fuels his creativity.

What part of LA are you from? How has LA influenced your musical taste/decisions? I am from South Central LA bordering Inglewood. It did everything to my music career. It was like being a basketball player in the hood. You had a pass. Therefore, music was my pass, and it also gave me productivity in a world where you could easily get lost in street activities. Instead of linking with the neighborhood, I'd choose to link with my boys and make music, which led me to the success and mind state I have developed today.

How did you get started making music? My mother managing an artist. I was always in the studio or around music since birth. So I started to write raps just for myself throughout my childhood, until I met Ron Sizzle freshman year of high school. We later made records on 8 track recorders on instrumentals from LimeWire. The problem was that we would run out of free beats on LimeWire, so that’s how we started to make beats for ourselves to rap on, and from there that’s how the producing side of things began.

What did that push for your first hit record look like? It was great, an organic hit from the streets to mainstream. Make It Nasty was off of Tyga’s mixtape “Bitch I'm The Shit,” but it made so much noise that he had to put it on the album at the time. That success helped me feel like it was possible, and to not look back now, that music was my purpose.

Who or what is your inspiration when making music? Pharrell, Kanye West, and any producer curating new sounds for the culture at the time. I always love seeing new producers drive to get to the top, that inspires me to never get comfortable, and that there is more work to do.

What makes you unique/different in this industry? I haven’t found out yet, I usually let others tell me. I am still doing things as we speak to carve a footprint in the game, and mine is in the long run. You will see why I am unique at the end of the race. I am still finding myself and my sound every production.

If music didn’t happen for you, what would you be doing? I'd be hustling. Not sure what product, but if not that, I may have worked for Interscope Records after the completion of my internship.

In your pursuit of being great, what’s the importance "being you" and staying away from conforming to people in the music industry? Being you is the main importance. I definitely could have been lost in the industry if I was a lost soul seeking validation. I stayed me, and stayed around my team which is my family and/or those with many years of friendship under our belt. With that said, I have seen many come and go conforming to those around them that they thought were for them, and later found out they actually have no one. This industry is survival, so once your plate gets empty, the room gets empty.