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Family and Fried Chicken

December 6, 2019
Ryan Chang
Ryan Chang
Winner Giovano
We teamed up with KFC Indonesia to bring a family inspired collection of sandals and apparel.

At the very heart of the fried chicken company from Louisville are the three tenets, “Be your best self. Make a difference. Have fun.” The SANDALBOYZ mission is similar in that it strives to invoke the beautiful uniqueness inside of everyone by encouraging people to embrace who they are. The glue at the center of all this is family and community, and there is no better expression of family and community than the KFC signature bucket.

KFC, with its heritage deeply rooted in the United States, is a brand recognized a global scale. The brand has made a name for itself with its family buckets and home-style sides. As it is in the states, the love for the Colonel’s chicken is apparent in Asia as well, particularly Indonesia. Having first opened in Jakarta in 1979, KFC Indonesia has grown its number of chicken storefronts to 750 and beyond.

Similarly, SANDALBOYZ is an American company that has Indonesia in its cultural heritage. Although our company is young, we have built a foothold in Indonesia due to the fact that we manufacture our sandals in Jakarta and that one of our founding members, Andrew Dharmosetio, is Indonesian.

One of our goals with SANDALBOYZ is to foster a global creative community of people like-minded in their pursuit of uniqueness. We actively encourage community among our fans and wearers. In addition, the SANDALBOYZ mission is to give back whenever possible, whether it be to the Indonesian community, American community, or the global community altogether. We will be giving a portion of all proceeds from this collection to Divers Clean Action.

Although a collaboration between SANDALBOYZ and fried chicken restaurant chain might seem far flung, there is a common ground shared by the two companies. Whether the bucket is enjoyed with mashed potatoes or rice — in sandals or shoes — it is always better enjoyed in the warming presence of community, family, and loved ones.

All items will be available for a limited time only at a SANDALBOYZ x KFC pop up store inside a KFC restaurant in Jakarta on December 14th, 2019. Follow @sandalboyz and @kfcindonesia to stay updated. A United States release will follow some time in 2020 🐔

The KFC Modern Court Slide in White and two accompaniment socks will be available for a global release on February 8th, 2020 only at